CrossFit Eglinton


WEEK 45: Oct 31-Nov 6

The holiday season is fast approaching so let’s finish the year strong. This week features some max reps on strength movements, as well as a two benchmark WOD day on Saturday. We have some longer workouts this week to further build our fitness.

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WEEK 44: Oct 24-30

The strength portion is more of the same this week, working with couplets to maximize strength gains. We also have one benchmark WOD “Grace” to further develop our olympic lifting technique when it comes to our cleans. This week features a lot of core work to keep our bodies strong, happy and healthy.

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WEEK 43: Oct 17-23

We are continuing with the couplets for our strength portion of the workouts, and maintaining some skills in regards to pull ups, handstand push ups and double unders. We have one partner workout at the end of the week and also doing a classic benchmark chipper the “Filthy Fifty.”

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WEEK 42: Oct 10 – 16

Let’s burn it up at the gym after Thanksgiving weekend! We have two benchmark WOD’s “Lynne” and “Karen” this week, as well as polishing up our clean technique. Strength sessions this week will include a couplet of movements focusing on our percentages for 5 reps. .

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WEEK 41: Oct 3-9

We have a common theme this week for the strength portion with regards to percentages. Let’s make sure to record these numbers down for future reference. This week we have one Hero workout: “JT”, and a partner workout. We have a lot of variety in week 41, so we hope to see you all in class!

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