CrossFit Eglinton


WEEK 49: Nov 28-Dec 4

One rep max week has arrived!! This week we will test our one rep maxes for the back squat, deadlift, strict overhead press, and the bench press. Make sure to record all these numbers down, as these are the numbers we will be using when calculating our percentages in future strength workouts. We will also continue working on our handstand push up, and clean techniques to further in grain these movements in our arsenal. We have one benchmark WOD this week “Cindy” on Saturday so be prepared to sweat!

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WEEK 48: Nov 21-27

The strength component for this week features sets of 8 reps with lighter loads. Let’s focus on working on our technique so that we can achieve great numbers when we test our 1 rep maxes on the deadlift, back squat and the strict press next week. We have two benchmark WODs “DT” and “Kelly” with a modification of rowing instead of running for “Kelly.” We have core finishers to further develop a strong midline for injury prevention and strength in our big lifts.

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WEEK 47: Nov 14-20

This week features a lot of skill work including, overhead squats, cleans, handstand push ups, and kipping pull ups/toes to bar. Were still working with our 5 rep range for our strength movements, so record the weights used for future reference. Were working on something a little different on Thursday in which your math, and strategy will be tested. This week we have one benchmark WOD on Saturday the “Filthy Fifty” so be prepared to sweat.

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WEEK 46: Nov 7-13

This week we go back to our sets of 5 reps, in regards to our strength movements. We’re also introducing the kipping pull up/kipping toes to bar technique, and also working on our handstand push ups to further develop our gymnastics skills. We have two benchmark WOD’s in “Lynne” and “Jackie” as well as some core finishers to keep our bodies strong and healthy.

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