CrossFit Eglinton


WEEK 53: Dec 26-31

We hope everyone had a good holiday, and ready to burn it up at the gym. This week we go back to our regular strength program, doing sets of 5 reps on our big lifts. Were also testing are athletic ability on Wednesday with a max height hurdle jump. We have some core finishers as well to maintain good spine health and a strong midline. See you all the gym this week!

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WEEK 52: Dec 19-25

The holidays are upon us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get the last few workouts of the year in. This week is a short week, so we have lots of variety in our workouts. Monday is a 2 WOD day, and on Wednesday were doing the benchmark WOD “Linda”. Were also practicing our Toes to bar technique as well as our double unders. Let’s finish this week strong!

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WEEK 51: Dec 12-18

We’ve got 3 weeks left in 2016 so let’s end the year strong! This week we have one benchmark WOD “Fight Gone Bad”, and another sweaty partner workout on Saturday.
Everyone has been doing well with the skill work, so we’ve got more cleans and handstand push ups to further develop these skills.

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WEEK 50: Dec 5-11

Amazing work from everyone last week on hitting new one rep maxes, and pushed themselves to the limit. This week were switching gears from our strength focus, to more of a endurance capacity training. Were also introducing two new movements this week in the dumbbell snatch, and the dumbbell swing. We also have on partner WOD on Saturday, and we’ll also be fine tuning our technique for our cleans on Tuesday. Let’s end the year strong and make an even bigger push in 2017!

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