CrossFit Eglinton


WEEK 5: Jan 30 – Feb 5

This week we have a sweaty partner workout on Tuesday featuring some rowing and thrusters, and another partner chipper on Saturday. On Wednesday were doing a benchmark WOD “The Chief”, working on our cleans and some body weight movements, and on Sunday we work on our bench pressing, to further develop our pushing strength.

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WEEK 4: Jan 23-29

This week features some familiar movements as well as some new ones. Were working on some conditioning pieces at the beginning of each workout, and refining some of our lifting technique with the clean and jerk. This week were also adding a new movement in the snatch, and on Sunday were testing out a 20 rep max in the back squat! Hope to see everyone this week!

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WEEK 3: Jan 16-22

Amazing job on the skill work from last week, everyones technique is looking great! Much like last week, were sharpening our handstand push up and double under technique, as well as our power cleans. Were also introducing the butterfly pull up, as a variation for those that already have kipping pull ups. This week we have a lot of conditioning at the beginning of each workout, and we have a variety of different movements in our WOD’s. On Monday were testing a workout from the CrossFit open last year, and were turning the clock off to focus on our strength/conditioning on Wednesday.

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WEEK 2: Jan 9-15

This week we will work on our handstand push up technique, as well as our double unders and one arm snatch. We also have our strength component doing 3 reps in the back squat, bench press, and strict press. On Sunday we have a hero workout in “Murph” but modifying it to a 2 mile row instead of the run; and for those that are new, we’ll have some modifications/scales for that particular workout.

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WEEK 1: Jan 2-8

Happy New Year!! We have some great workouts this week to welcome everyone back from the holidays. We have two benchmark workouts in “Whitten” on Wednesday and, an all time favourite the “Filthy Fifty” on Saturday. Were also working on our double under technique, as well as our kipping pull up technique. Were also adding in Man Makers on two separate days just to spice things up!

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