CrossFit Eglinton


WEEK 9 Feb 27- Mar 5

This week we’ve got a certain rep scheme were following for the strength portion of the workout. Were doing four sets on the strength movements, and on the last set were going for max reps, to further develop our strength gains, as well as our conditioning. Were also working on our handstand push up and progressions to the handstand on Wednesday, as well as Sunday. On Sunday were also re doing the suicide sprints, to increase our anaerobic threshold.

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WEEK 8 Feb 20- Feb 26

This week were doing more reps on our big lifts. On Tuesday we have a 55 rep deadlift for our strength portion, as well as Sunday when we do 55 reps on our front squat. On Friday we get to fine tune our double under technique when we do the benchmark workout “Annie.” We also have a few core finishers, as well as a few core workouts to further help our midline stability, and to help prevent injuries.

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WEEK 7 Feb 13- Feb 19

This week were switching gears from conditioning, to strength work at the beginning of each workout. On Tuesday’s WOD were working with dumbbells, and were also introducing a few new movements this week in the chest to bar, the L-Sit hold, and the pistol squat. On Wednesday and Saturday we have two WOD’s, and were ending the week with a long 20 mins AMRAP on Sunday.

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WEEK 6: Feb 6-12

This week we have quite a few conditioning pieces at the beginning of each session, so come prepared to sweat. We have a long 20 mins burner scheduled for Thursday and a sweaty tabata session on Saturday. We also have some strong core finishers to end the workout.

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