CrossFit Eglinton


WEEK 13 Mar 27- Apr 2

This week we focus on sets of 5 for our strength movements. We have a 1 rep max test on the overhead squat on Tuesday, as well as a 1 rep max for the squat clean on Wednesday. Were also doing a 3 round version of the hero WOD “DT”, which consists of deadlifts, hang power cleans and a push press. Last week we tested a max effort assault bike for 3 rounds, and this week were bringing it back again to further develop our anaerobic threshold. Just like most weeks we have some core finishers to keep everyone strong and, prevent any midline injuries.

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WEEK 12 Mar 20- Mar 26

The past few weeks have seen some heavy loading with smaller reps/sets in regard to our strength movements, this week were picking up the reps with lighter loads. We have a few sessions in the week with 3 or more static strength movements, to build more strength and muscular endurance. We also have a few conditioning pieces with max effort assault bike intervals, as well as some rowing intervals.

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WEEK 11 Mar 13- Mar 19

This week were finishing up our third week of our strength cycle for our 3 big lifts, the back squat, the deadlift, and the press. Were following a 5-3-1 rep scheme, with the 4th set being for max reps. On Monday we have a long partner row, and another partner workout on Wednesday, with thrusters and ball slams. Were also working on our squat clean technique on Tuesday, so if your keen on polishing up your olympic lifting, then Tuesday is a must for you.

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