CrossFit Eglinton


WEEK 18 May 1- May 7

This week were working with more reps for our strength portion of the workout. We also have two workouts from this years CrossFit open; on Wednesday we do 17.1 and on Sunday with 17.5. On Thursday we have a long partner row, and we have more of a conditioning day on Saturday, with assault bike intervals and a high intensity tabata workout.

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WEEK 17 Apr 24- Apr 30

This week were testing our 2 rep maxes for our strength movements. We’ve been working hard on our clean, so this week we get to test how much stronger we’ve gotten in regards to this movement. On Monday we have a spicy partner workout, and on Wednesday we have 100 reps on the back squat. We also have our first running workout of the year on Friday when we do the benchmark WOD “Nancy.” We end the week with a surprise box workout, so show up on Sunday and find out what your doing.

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WEEK 16 Apr 17- Apr 23

This week were working on a few accessory drills in our strength portion to increase our strength and, muscular endurance in our big lifts.
Everyone has been doing great with the cleans lately, so were going to keep the ball rolling and do one of the most popular benchmark WODs “Grace” on Tuesday. We also have a very spicy partner WOD on Wednesday, in the benchmark workout “Double Karen”, that consists of 300 wall balls. All that and more fun workouts this week, so hope to see you all there!

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WEEK 15 Apr 10- Apr 16

This week is all about intensity. We are increasing the reps on our strength movements working a 10-8-6-4 rep scheme on our big lifts, with the intensity being high, but the weights a little lighter. We also have a few spicy partner workouts, again to increase intensity, especially when you are accountable to another person. We are also working on some olympic lifting skills in the clean on Wednesday, and a dumbbell snatch version of the hero WOD “Randy.”

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WEEK 14 Apr 3- Apr 9

We start this week with a partner WOD on Monday, and we re test our assault bike capacity on Tuesday. On Wednesday were doing a very popular benchmark WOD in “Fran”, which is a fast paced couplet, including thrusters and pull ups. We are also re testing our 500M row time, but this time we have a burpee penalty, if not completed at the suggested time. On Friday we have a couple of strength movements at body weight, which will test both strength, and muscular endurance. See you all the the gym this week!

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