CrossFit Eglinton


WEEK 22 May 29- June 4

Were using the dumbbell in a lot of our workouts this week. We start the week with a light but very exhausting thruster/burpee workout. On Tuesday we have a timed assault bike and ball slam couplet to start the class, and a grip intensive workout with deadlifts and toes to bar. Partner WOD on the menu for Wednesday as we have more dumbbell work with push presses, and we have a run/row conditioning on Thursday. For the weekend we have a sweaty tabata workout on Saturday, and a posterior chain dominant day on Sunday.

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WEEK 21 May 22- May 28

We have a ton of variety for this weeks workouts. On Tuesday we are working with volume back squats starting with 15 reps going all the way down to a heavy 5 rep. We also have a different tempo with our deadlifts on Wednesday when we come to a full stop after each rep, taking the momentum out and working on getting a stronger pull. We also have a partner WOD featuring some deadlift holds, and a sweaty conditioning running/rowing WOD on Saturday. We end the week on Sunday with some barbell cycling, working on our squat cleans and power cleans.

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WEEK 20: May 15- May 21

We have some sunny weather ahead, so bring your running shoes as we will be running on Wednesday, and another running workout on Saturday. On Tuesday we have a repeat benchmark workout “The Chief”, and a partner assault bike workout on Friday. We also have some strength workouts featuring the bench press, front rack lunges, and a 10 mins window to build to a heavy squat clean on Sunday. See you all at the gym!

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WEEK 19 May 8- May 14

This weeks strength portion will be little different in that we get 10 minutes to build to a heavy 5 reps. Were also introducing an accessory work portion for the workout, so that we could keep our bodies balanced and moving better. Our accessory work for this week will be upper body based, and were working with uni-lateral movements to fix any imbalances we may have. On Thursday we have a time priority row, with a burpee penalty for every second over the designated time. On Saturday we have a overhead squat/running workout, and on Sunday we have a 20 mins partner workout.

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