CrossFit Eglinton


WEEK 25 June 19- June 25

This week were incorporating some single arm/leg strength work to fix some deficiencies, and even out both sides of our body. On Wednesday were going to tackle a new hero WOD in “Scotty”, just a reminder as well that the prescribed weight is not mandatory, please scale the weight down to your fitness level and capability. On Saturday we have a lower body WOD, with both static movements and dynamic movements paired together, and of course just to make things a little spicier, we’ve also added some burpees. We end this week with another hero WOD in “JT”, which is all upper body work, so be prepared to feel the burn.

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WEEK 24 June 12- June 18

Were incorporating some burpee penalties on some of the WOD’s this week, to further increase intensity in workouts, as well as our overall conditioning. Monday’s workout is incredibly grip intensive with descending reps of toes to bar, and ascending reps of box jumps. Were also adding some jump squats on Wednesday to build explosive power in our legs, as well as develop muscular endurance for our lower body. On both Thursday and Friday our WOD is not for time, but for quality. Take this time to focus on good reps, and feel the target areas being worked. Saturday is the benchmark WOD “Filthy Fifty” and Sunday is a shorter version of “Barbara”

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WEEK 23 June 5- June 11

This week we have a lot of rowing work hitting three different energy systems. On Monday we have more of a paced row, on Tuesday we have a fast 1000M partner row, and on Wednesday we combine both pacing and speed on a 3 round burner. This week we have a running WOD on Friday, and a spicy wall ball/burpee workout to round of the week on Sunday.

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