CrossFit Eglinton


WEEK 30 July 31- Aug 6

This week were incorporating some max rep work in some of our strength movements, to build more strength, muscular endurance and increase work capacity. We start the week with a partner WOD to increase our conditioning, when we do some interval rowing sprints. On Wednesday we will further develop our olympic lifting technique when we do some power cleans and dumbbell snatches. We end the week with a long partner WOD.

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WEEK 29 July 24- July 30

This week were introducing a benchmark WOD as well as working on some of our technical movements. Were working on our cleans on Wednesday, double unders on Thursday, and were doing some ring dips on Friday. On Saturday were doing the benchmark WOD “Bear Complex” which is a very spicy workout. We end the week with some deadlifts and 400M med ball runs.

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WEEK 28 July 17- July 23

We are getting some sun this week, so we have two running WODs on Monday and, on Thursday. The previous week we did a barbell tabata and, due to its potency we are bringing it back this Wednesday. On Thursday we have some timed 500M rowing intervals with a run penalty, and the following day we have a burpee race with a partner. We end the week strong with “Diane” on Saturday and a long chipper WOD on Sunday.

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WEEK 27 July 10- July 16

This week we are working on some of our compound lifts, paired with some accessory movements to strengthen the target areas. We are also working on our olympic lifts this week. On Tuesday we have some cleans, and on Wednesday we have dumbbell snatches on the WOD. On Friday we have a spicy couplet, pairing rowing and body weight bench press. We end the week strong with some barbell tabata. See you all the new space!!

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