CrossFit Eglinton


WEEK 34 Aug 28- Sept 3

This week we have a few conditioning pieces in the form of a long partner row, a 3 round max effort sprint on the assault bike, and a 1 mile run on the WOD for Saturday. We introduced the barbell snatch technique last week, and everyone has been doing amazing, so this week were picking up where we left of when we do a snatch workout on Sunday. Everyone has been pushing their fitness but don’t forget to get some mobility work in before or after class to keep your bodies happy and healthy. See you all at the gym this week.

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WEEK 33 Aug 21- Aug 27

This week we have more of a strength focus, as well as working on our technique. We have more olympic lifts in our workouts this week, with a focus on balance on our snatches on Wednesday. We also have a 3 rep max clean from the hang position. On Thursday we have a 1.2 km med ball run, and a short but effective metcon that includes handstand push ups, calories on the bike and alternating jump lunges. We finish the week of with a benchmark classic in “Linda” featuring 3 movements (deadlift, bench press, clean), to test our strength and muscular endurance.

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WEEK 32 Aug 14- Aug 20

Were pushing the conditioning as well as our muscular endurance this week. We have a few running workouts starting on Monday when we do a running and wall ball couplet. On Tuesday we get to test both the anaerobic and aerobic systems with a max calorie bike as well as a 7 mins max burpee. We are also working a lot on our olympic lifting this week starting on Wednesday when we do a few 7 mins EMOM’s. We finish of the week with back to back benchmark WOD’s in Isabel and Grace.

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WEEK 31 Aug 7- Aug 13

This week were working on our endurance with the workouts being long and challenging. We have a tough couplet on Monday with thrusters and burpees, and a long endurance workout on Tuesday with skipping, rowing, and running. This week we have 3 long workouts, one on Wednesday, another on Friday, and the last one being on Sunday.
We’ve also been seeing great results with our olympic lifting especially on the cleans, so this week were introducing a new movement in the barbell power snatch. Were also adding a new body weight movement in the chest to bar pull ups.

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