CrossFit Eglinton


WEEK 38 Sept 25- Oct 1

This week we are revving up our anaerobic threshold by doing shorter but more intense workouts. We will also be finishing up with lots of core work to maintain midline strength, and for injury prevention. We begin the week with some max effort assault bike sprints paired with some long jump burpees, and on Wednesday we will begin the day with working on handstand push up progressions, so if your in need of help with that movement then you definitely don’t want to miss that workout. We are also re visiting the turkish get up on Friday, so for those that can’t make it during the morning workouts, make sure you ask one of the coaches to help you with that movement during the week. Turkish get ups are great for core/shoulder strength, balance, and coordination. On Saturday we have a different take on a tabata workout where we will be holding stress positions during the rest period.

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WEEK 37 Sept 18- Sept 24

This week we are training some uni lateral strength movements with split squats, back lunges, step ups, and single arm floor presses. On Thursday we have a few sprints for our conditioning piece, and we follow that with the benchmark workout “JT” which will test our upper body muscular endurance.[…]

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WEEK 36 Sept 11- Sept 17

This week we have some longer grinding workouts. We start the week of with a 20 mins EMOM with box jumps and thrusters. Were also re introducing the jump squat on Wednesday when we test our muscular endurance and, aerobic capacity. Friday’s workout is all about grip when we do toes to bars and pull ups with a farmer walk penalty for broken sets. On Saturday we have a partner workout when we do the bencmark WODs in “Grace” and “Fran.” The following day on Sunday were introducing a new movement in the split jerk.

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WEEK 35 Sept 4- Sept 10

This week we have workouts that will test our different energy systems. We have sprint workouts, longer conditioning pieces, and a variety of strength workouts that will push our muscular endurance. On Saturday we will have a long partner workout, and on Sunday we have a longer partner row, as[…]

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