CrossFit Eglinton


WEEK 43 Oct 30- Nov 5

This week we maintain the volume of high reps on our strength portion of the workout, as well as the WODs. We start the week with a strict press and dip couplet for sets of 10, and a classic 21-15-9 workout to get our heart rate going. On Tuesday we test our grip strength when we do a triplet of pull ups, cleans and toes to bar, and were on our second week of 20 rep max back squats on Thursday. We finish the week of with a long partner workout on Saturday and we get to work on our overhead squats on Sunday.

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WEEK 42 Oct 23- Oct 29

We start the week with a pair of EMOM’s, on Monday we have an alternating EMOM with thrusters and toes to bar, and on Tuesday we have another alternating EMOM with calorie row and burpees. On Wednesday we have a couplet with ascending reps on the bench press and descending reps on the pull ups. We will also be testing our 20 rep max on the back squat on Thursday so be prepared for the legs to burn. On Saturday we have a long 5 round WOD, and on Sunday we will test our muscular endurance with unbroken wall ball sets, and we will also test our aerobic capacity with assault bike intervals.

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WEEK 41 Oct 16- Oct 22

This week were adding a lot more volume to our workouts so be prepared to come in and have a good sweat. We start the week with a movement that requires strength, balance, and mobility with some overhead squats and we are pairing it with a movement that works on our uni lateral strength in the Bulgarian split squat. On Wednesday we have yet another tough partner workout with the opposite partner holding a stress position in the front rack hold. On Thursday we get to work with the new sleds for our conditioning piece, and we finish the week with a tough muscular endurance workout on Saturday, and some toes to bar and power snatches on Sunday.

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WEEK 40 Oct 9- Oct 15

We hope everyone had a good thanksgiving and ready to hit the gym strong this week. This week we have a partner workout on Wednesday with the opposite partner holding a static stress position. On Thursday we test our anaerobic threshold when we do a combination of 3 quick, but intense conditioning pieces. On Saturday we have an SXS classic when we have a fill in the box workout, we didn’t post the movements but it will be a fun and tough workout. On Sunday we combine body weight movements with barbell cycling work when we do the benchmark WOD’s “Cindy” and “DT”

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WEEK 39 Oct 2- Oct 8

This week we have a lot of accessory work to go with our big lifts. On Monday we build our leg strength and muscular endurance when we pair walking lunges with wall sits. We are also adding the long jump to our workout for Monday, to help with our athleticism and explosive power. Tuesday we have a AMRAP with power cleans paired with front squats and burpees, and on Thursday we re test our 500M row time. We finish the week off with a longer strength portion on Saturday and a re test on our 7 minute burpees, and on Sunday we are re testing the Hero WOD “DT.”

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