CrossFit Eglinton


WEEK 47 Nov 27- Dec 3

This week we are working on our 3 rep max for our strength movements, followed by accessory work. On Tuesday we are testing our weighted pull ups followed by a long partner workout with deadlifts, burpees, push press and toes to bar. On Thursday we are establishing a 1 rep max power clean, and doing the “Bergeron Beep Test” that will test our endurance. We end the week with a conditioning piece when we do sled pushes, burpees and ball smashes. See you at the gym this week!!

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WEEK 46 Nov 20- Nov 26

This week we have couplets for our strength portion of the workout. On Wednesday we have deadlifts and walking lunges, followed by a push/pull workout when we do a total of 2000M on the rower, with push ups and push presses in between. We also have a 3 round conditioning piece on Thursday when do do single unders, ball smashes and burpees, and a longer EMOM for 20 mins on Saturday. We end the week with a partner workout doing 5000M on the rower as a team, while the other partner holds a wall sit. Lets finish the week strong and see you all at the gym.

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WEEK 45 Nov 13- Nov 19

This week we are doing higher reps on our strength portion of the workout, with the weights increasing every round. We also have two conditioning pieces this week, on Thursday we work on our anaerobic capacity, and on Friday we work our aerobic system when we do a 2000 meter row for time. We have a long WOD on Saturday, and we finish this week of with a grip intensive workout on Sunday.

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