CrossFit Eglinton


WEEK 52: Dec 25-31

Hello Gang. I hope everyone has had an amazing holiday spend with family and friends. We have some great workouts to get us back into the swing of things before the New Year. We will be doing a classic called “The Seven” on Wednesday.

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WEEK 50: Dec 18-24

The Holidays are approaching and our programming this week will help you maintain your fitness levels throughout all your celebrations and festivities. This week we have tones of variety.

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WEEK 49: Dec 11-17

This week for some of the strength portion of the program will include the 10-Set Method. The 10-Set Method or otherwise known as German Volume Training will be for bench press on Monday and Squats on Thursday.

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WEEK 48: Dec 4-10

This week our workouts have a lot of variety and a lot of core work included in 3 of the WODs. The strength portion will be a classic 5 sets of 5 reps for thrusters on Monday, Sumo deadlifts on Tuesday. Tuesday we will also really try and hone in[…]

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