CrossFit Eglinton


Week 5: Jan 29-Feb4

This week’s strength components will be the same rep scheme as last week trying to reach our rep max with both our bench press and our deadlift. Please ensure you are rested and warmed up for these days. Practise safe reps!

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WEEK 3: Jan 15-21

Great turn out last week! Thanks to everyone old and new for dropping by. This Monday we will try to hone in on our handstand push-up skills with a few drills sure to help you.

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WEEK 2: Jan 8-14

Hello gang! This week we have such a broad range of programs. We have set up some accessory work both Tuesday and Wednesday to make sure our body stays healthy for our heavy lift days to ensure balance and stabilization. Wednesday WOD is also a modified workout sure to be spicy.

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WEEK 1: Jan 1-7

Happy New Year to everyone. This week we are introducing a weekly archived CrossFit Open Workout. This weeks archives open workout is from 2011 and will be on Wednesday. We will also be working on increasing our pull up strength, as I am sure it’s some of your goals to complete unassisted pull-ups by the end of the year.

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