CrossFit Eglinton


Week 9: Feb 26-Mar 4

This week’s strength is to be focused on tempo for both our back squats and military press. The goal is to go slow on the descent with an added pause at the bottom. Tuesdays conditioning long one but should be fun.

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Week 8: Feb 19-25

I hope everyone had a good long weekend and thank you to those who attended this weekends grueling classes. This week we start our Monday WOD with a sumo deadlift and sit-up ladder. Tuesday’s Strength component is going to be an interesting bear complex that will test your strength. Wednesday we focus on max rep pushing movements followed by a few spicy couplet AMRAPs.

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Week 7: Feb 12-18

This week right off the bat we are starting with finding our three rep max back squat with a short but intense WOD. Tuesday’s strength will be lots of hanging and gripping movements with a 4-minute variation of an EMOM.

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Week 6: Feb 5-11

This Monday we kick things off with “death by pull-ups” which should be interesting to test our strength. Tuesday we focus on the bottom and pushing position of our front squats to help us feel more comfortable at the bottom position of the squat.

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