CrossFit Eglinton


Week 22: May 28 – June 3

This week for our strength portion we will revisit barbell back lunges and sumo deadlifts for a heavy five. Tuesday’s WOD is a fun variation of a barbell complex that will challenge both energy systems.

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Week 21: May 21-27

We hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. We have some great workouts set up for you this week that, as usual, will help your strength and stamina.

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Week 20: May 14-20

Hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend. This week there is a lot of functional bodybuilding to help hone in on our form and to keep our big lifts healthy.

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Week 19: May 7-13

We have some great programs set up for you this week which include lots of weight lifting such as a heavy push press for Monday and heavy deadlifts on Tuesday. Please understand your limitations and only go as heavy as you feel comfortable with but yet still pushing yourself.

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