CrossFit Eglinton


Week 26: June 25 – July 1

Thank you to all those that came out for Saturday’s Team Fitness Challenge! What a blast. This week we have great variety in our programming that includes strength and conditioning.

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Week 24: June 11 – 17

This week right off the bat we are tackling our Overhead Squats. The most challenging of the squats because it is very demanding in terms of mobility. A few of the biggest challenges for people are heels coming off the floor, arms not extended in the overhead position or the bar is positioned in front rather than over top and finally not reaching full depth.

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Week 23: June 4 – 10

Hello SXS’ers! This week we test our max rep limits with back squats and bench press so get ready to push hard. Also, we are doing one of my favourite pull up programs on Thursday to really help you gain strength and perhaps help you graduate to a thinner band. s.

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