CrossFit Eglinton


Week 35: Aug 27 – Sep 2

This week we start Monday off with a bang meaning we are doing Filthy Fifty. Tuesday’s strength portion is Sumo Deadlifts with the focus of going heavier each set.

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Week 34: Aug 20-26

We are kicking Monday off with a barbell complex. To choose your weight for each complex, you’ll need to figure out a weight you can feasibly use for the prescribed number of reps of your weakest lift.

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Week 33: Aug 13-19

This week we will test our strength with a heavy 2 rep max on Monday and a heavy floor press on Tuesday. Wednesday and Friday’s strength will include some functional movement to help keep our body balanced and strong.

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Week 32: Aug 6 – 12

Hello everyone! Again we would like to welcome coach Anthony to our team. This week we have in store for you some heavy double push press and deadlifts. Wednesday’s WOD is a spicy EMOM that includes sleds and DB snatches.

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