CrossFit Eglinton


Week 48: Nov 26-Dec 2

This week we have two heavy lifting days set up for you with military presses on Monday and sumo deadlifts on Thursday. Monday we also have WOD where you can see where you rank with the rest of the CrossFit community around the world.

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Week 47: Nov 19-25

Hello everyone! This week we have some fun and unique strength components. We will perform 100 bench press on Monday and 100 back squats on Wednesday. And each time we break out set either you have to do 20 cal AB or ROW.

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Week 46: Nov 12-18

This week we have a great variety of types of programs and movements. We begin the week with a chipper. Tuesday our strength portion is focused on your upper body. Both Wednesday and Saturday we have team workouts that are sure to challenge you.

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Week 45: Nov 5-11

This week our strength portions are unique because we will be working in different movements, for instance, Tuesday we will be working on heavy farmer carries and Turkish get-ups. And Wednesday’s strength will be to attempt to build to our heaviest 1 lap of a sled push.

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