CrossFit Eglinton


Meet our Team

We have an exceptionally talented staff who collaborate, share training techniques and knowledge to create the best possible programs for our clients. All our trainers come from competitive athletic backgrounds that bring intensity and a goal-oriented approach to keep you motivated and improving. Each trainer has their own unique teaching style and their diversity keeps each class fresh.

Our trainers give 100% during class but also make themselves available before and after sessions to answer questions or share diet and nutrition tips. If you are new to CrossFit we can arrange one-on-one Personal Training or a single session to familiarize yourself with the principles and mechanics.

We also provide sports nutrition from our registered Sports Dietitian – Ben Sit, RD. Fuelling your workouts before and after is crucial. Ben can tailor a meal plan that will achieve the results that you are looking for with easy to prepare recipes. He also does a monthly Nutrition Workshop with relevant topics.


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Personal Training
Diet, Nutrition, or Supplements
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