CrossFit Eglinton

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Are you a first-time visitor that has heard about CrossFit but never tried it before? Do you want to find out more about it? Or have you done it before at another location but never at our Box? Either way we encourage you to experience CrossFit Eglinton – see if you can handle CrossFit and if we are a good fit for you!


Experienced CrossFitters

If you have done CrossFit sometime in the past and understand the basic movements and mechanics, you are welcome to skip the OnRamp Program and make a reservation using our online system. You do NOT need to pay if it’s your first visit.

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If you’ve never done CrossFit before and don’t feel comfortable jumping right into a class you should start with a “No-Sweat” Intro. This is a quick conversation that you schedule with a coach to learn about your fitness level, goals, and time constraints. The conversation can happen in person or over the phone.

Book No Sweat Intro