CrossFit Eglinton

Nutrition Planning

A Healthy Diet will Fuel your Workouts

What you put in your body is what will fuel you during your workouts and also after your workouts when your muscles are repairing themselves. A well balanced diet high in lean protein, vegetables, and simple carbohydrates can help you with fitness gains while at the same time reducing your waistline.

Pre-Workout Meal

Food and snacks that you consume during the day prior to your workout can either help or hurt you – depending on the choices you make. When you eat, how much you eat, and how often you eat also factor into the equation. Monitoring and regulating all of these aspects can help you achieve the goals you are looking for at the gym.

Post-Workout Meal

What you eat after your workout can almost be as important as what you consume before. Your muscles need protein and nutrients to mend themselves and a hard workout. This can be achieved through a high-protein meal but also with nutrition supplements. The time that you eat after your workout is also critical. There is a small window before the benefits you will receive begin to drop off if you don’t feed your body with the proper nutrients after exercising.