CrossFit Eglinton


At CrossFit Eglinton we offer a wide variety of services to keep you Fit.. but also Healthy. Our GROUP FITNESS gives you access to 3 different types of classes that complement our CrossFit program. They include TRX and CrossCardio. We have monthly Yoga Workshops that focus on a specific part of your body and are designed to increase mobility and flexibility.

We offer Personal Training for those who are new to CrossFit (or working out in general) and need more of a one-on-one approach. We are also able to train Youth Athletes with Sport Specific goals.

CrossFit Eglinton isn’t just about working out – we also have a Naturopathic Doctor on staff who can provide Naturopathic Treatments, Acupuncture, and Massage Therapy. In addition we have a Sports Dietitian on staff for weight management, meal planning, sport specific fueling, and supplements.