CrossFit Eglinton

Week 35: Aug 27 – Sep 2

This week we start Monday off with a bang meaning we are doing Filthy Fifty. Tuesday’s strength portion is Sumo Deadlifts with the focus of going heavier each set.

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Week 19: May 7-13

We have some great programs set up for you this week which include lots of weight lifting such as a heavy push press for Monday and heavy deadlifts on Tuesday. Please understand your limitations and only go as heavy as you feel comfortable with but yet still pushing yourself.

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WEEK 28 July 17- July 23

We are getting some sun this week, so we have two running WODs on Monday and, on Thursday. The previous week we did a barbell tabata and, due to its potency we are bringing it back this Wednesday. On Thursday we have some timed 500M rowing intervals with a run penalty, and the following day we have a burpee race with a partner. We end the week strong with “Diane” on Saturday and a long chipper WOD on Sunday.

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