CrossFit Eglinton

WEEK 32 Aug 14- Aug 20

Were pushing the conditioning as well as our muscular endurance this week. We have a few running workouts starting on Monday when we do a running and wall ball couplet. On Tuesday we get to test both the anaerobic and aerobic systems with a max calorie bike as well as a 7 mins max burpee. We are also working a lot on our olympic lifting this week starting on Wednesday when we do a few 7 mins EMOM’s. We finish of the week with back to back benchmark WOD’s in Isabel and Grace.

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WEEK 46: Nov 7-13

This week we go back to our sets of 5 reps, in regards to our strength movements. We’re also introducing the kipping pull up/kipping toes to bar technique, and also working on our handstand push ups to further develop our gymnastics skills. We have two benchmark WOD’s in “Lynne” and “Jackie” as well as some core finishers to keep our bodies strong and healthy.

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