CrossFit Eglinton

WEEK 37 Sept 18- Sept 24

This week we are training some uni lateral strength movements with split squats, back lunges, step ups, and single arm floor presses. On Thursday we have a few sprints for our conditioning piece, and we follow that with the benchmark workout “JT” which will test our upper body muscular endurance.[…]

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WEEK 25 June 19- June 25

This week were incorporating some single arm/leg strength work to fix some deficiencies, and even out both sides of our body. On Wednesday were going to tackle a new hero WOD in “Scotty”, just a reminder as well that the prescribed weight is not mandatory, please scale the weight down to your fitness level and capability. On Saturday we have a lower body WOD, with both static movements and dynamic movements paired together, and of course just to make things a little spicier, we’ve also added some burpees. We end this week with another hero WOD in “JT”, which is all upper body work, so be prepared to feel the burn.

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WEEK 41: Oct 3-9

We have a common theme this week for the strength portion with regards to percentages. Let’s make sure to record these numbers down for future reference. This week we have one Hero workout: “JT”, and a partner workout. We have a lot of variety in week 41, so we hope to see you all in class!

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