CrossFit Eglinton

WEEK 33 Aug 21- Aug 27

This week we have more of a strength focus, as well as working on our technique. We have more olympic lifts in our workouts this week, with a focus on balance on our snatches on Wednesday. We also have a 3 rep max clean from the hang position. On Thursday we have a 1.2 km med ball run, and a short but effective metcon that includes handstand push ups, calories on the bike and alternating jump lunges. We finish the week of with a benchmark classic in “Linda” featuring 3 movements (deadlift, bench press, clean), to test our strength and muscular endurance.

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WEEK 52: Dec 19-25

The holidays are upon us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get the last few workouts of the year in. This week is a short week, so we have lots of variety in our workouts. Monday is a 2 WOD day, and on Wednesday were doing the benchmark WOD “Linda”. Were also practicing our Toes to bar technique as well as our double unders. Let’s finish this week strong!

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