CrossFit Eglinton

WEEK 37 Sept 18- Sept 24

This week we are training some uni lateral strength movements with split squats, back lunges, step ups, and single arm floor presses. On Thursday we have a few sprints for our conditioning piece, and we follow that with the benchmark workout “JT” which will test our upper body muscular endurance.[…]

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WEEK 2: Jan 9-15

This week we will work on our handstand push up technique, as well as our double unders and one arm snatch. We also have our strength component doing 3 reps in the back squat, bench press, and strict press. On Sunday we have a hero workout in “Murph” but modifying it to a 2 mile row instead of the run; and for those that are new, we’ll have some modifications/scales for that particular workout.

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